semi​-​marxist like us 12"

by philip seymour hoffman

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    released by the fmly recording company, 'semi-marxist like us' embraces touched up versions of "everything in my cupboards is moldy" and "duckfangs tickle my ankles" onto vinyl as well as rotates a remix and a cover from caleb johannes (truman peyote, psychedelic family, breakfast of champs records) and eric farber (truman peyote, easyboy). friends<3

    "the strength of the songs come from their unwashed heart, dirty glee and transgressive symphonies of simple melodies in awkward arrangements." -einstein music journal

    "a coral reef shaped into a music-box at whose top stands a ballerina, spinning in a codeine haze to the muffled echo of a forgotten 2-step banger." -20jazzfunkgreats

    "once again, his music soars with intimate harmonies and lyrics sure to capture the hearts of many." -cmj
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'semi-marxist like us' is a vinyl collaboration between philip seymour hoffman and truman peyote. the record was released during eric farber's (easyboy) departure from tp, and credited as an easyboy remix. the cover of 'everything in my cupboards...' was recorded solely by caleb johannes. the 12" is the only release of the fmly recording company (my best friends) and album collage was created by ted wiggin. i've included a bunch of extra remixes for ya in this bandcamp version so hi5s to everyone! donate if ya can, but always support gorgeous vinyl <3


released September 3, 2010




philip seymour hoffman New York, New York

welcome to a semi-public archive of my audio journals, let's be friends.


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Track Name: everything in my cupboards is moldy
i wish that i had a girl i could call my own so that we could die together. then it wouldn't be so hard to celebrate the holidays all alone.

sometimes it's best to do things by yourself so that nobody can judge you. these walls are plagued with ignorance let's knock them down and build up something new. you tell me you "just wanna keep the view." i'm telling you, "baby, you're my muse." there's nothing we won't do, so fuck my misery and fuck you too.

...your love won't change my mind because i don't care.
...your love will change my mind, because i can't bear.
Track Name: duckfangs tickle my ankles
when the sun grows on your tongue you won't want to stop him. you're gonna die, we're all gonna die. you were born to stop him. born on a day the sun didn't rise it's important to stay here. and one day we will fight for our rights, but for today, goodbye.

there is no glare when the sun is in clouds, we can see clearly. but for tonight we'll be bathed in light... the sun has not shown for days.