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your loving brother

by philip seymour hoffman

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for some time they were blind, so we had to help them see the sunlight. we make everything the way you see before you and me. but we were lost and now we're found. when we want to go home we just say, "where's the ground?"
this is a slugs race and i just want to slime. the start of everyday always makes me feel insane, no time to eat, barely time to sleep, and taking trains really isn't that cheap. but i've been holding onto something that i think is really neat, it's this need to be forever grateful for what is kept in front of me. i want to thank my mom, i want to thank my friends, the everyday people i have yet to meet: for making it look easy to get by when we don't have what we need. its taught me this cool lesson that's now a part of how i be and maybe if you dig it we can be a community. love mother nature love father time and in the middle just remember to share with every kind of person that's around you, that's my philosophy. sometimes life can get scary, but a smile defeats the beasts. i can show you anything, it's all in my pocket. seeing the truth is a state of mind, only if you want it. lives will fall where buildings grow, we can't live this way together. remember that time is on our side and we are all one forever. this is a slugs race and i just want to slime.
apple pulp 01:20
for most of our lives we've been blessed with disguises. ____ {==} {*∆*} {)o(} !!!!!! masks for consuming the scenery of our environment.
i wish everything was nice, i wish that it was fine, i wish you would be here all the time. gonna make it a mission to know you're wishin' about this day and night. forget everything you know, i'll try to help you grow, but i'm just a kid at heart. taking chances in the daylight knowing you were right there during "howolding girls" that night.
we can call it a birthday so i can take you out to dinner, kiss you on the cheek with no worries. christmas lights at midnight don't light up as much as i do, the way you looked at me it made me smile. but romance is overrated all we need is our imaginations. live life the way we want to live it. you don't always need to phone, you can always come back home. i think it's rad that this is all we have because when i'm with you you make me feel so cool. so let's go back to bed and when we wake up if we're not feeling lazy i want to take you out to lunch.
"we are the living symbols of a world without frontiers, a world of freedom, without weapons, where each may travel without let or hindrance from the steppes of central asia to the atlantic coast, from the high plateau of south africa to the forests of finland." -vaida voivod iii, president of the world community of gypsies (quoted from an interview published by algemeen handelsblad, amsterdam, 18 may 1963)


and with our bare hands we turn to one another
reach below a universal line of sight
and lift our tent.
tremendously it begins to rise.
we watch our tent adhere to the environment surrounding.
our hands the creators of our universe
our minds the collaborators of our hands
our experience the distinction between our minds
our knowledge the harkening of our experience
our culture the reason for such knowledge.

heavy winds will rotate the perspective of our tent
but as shade will absorb a glare ceases to harm.
we are the spiritual center of our universe
inquiring among orbiting planets
taking breath among foreign agents
forging a new magnetism of place.


'your loving brother' is a cassette split with mutual benefit's 'the cowboy's prayer', released via kassette klub. the whole album is available for streaming & purchase right here ::

artwork courtesy of nathaniel whitcomb ::

this album is dedicated to my friends, my fmly, and those wonderful folks of whom i have yet to meet. everything that i record is a part of my greater audio journals. this is a tale of self-conscientization, and discovering my role in the universe alongside haruki murakami characters + ash ketchum.

+ those light keys in "tulips for my buds" are thanks to emily reo


released December 15, 2011




philip seymour hoffman New York, New York

welcome to a semi-public archive of my audio journals, let's be friends.


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